CENCOBOX Maquinas fabricación cajas largas



Cencobox is our patented brand (ES2684137) of automatic cardboard box forming machines that offers multiple advantages over conventional machines.

It has been developed for the cardboard packaging manufacturing industry, more specifically for long format cardboard boxes for long products such as aluminum bars, skirting boards, blinds, wooden moldings, etc., using fanfold cardboard or cardboard sheet.

Our box forming production lines are composed by different modules which can be adapted to the needs of our clients and their production process.

We have two series depending on the characteristics of the product to be packed, on one hand we have the box forming center for long products and on the other hand we have the box forming center for specific dimensions.



Advantages of our machines over conventional machines

  • Short production times.
  • High precision.
  • Serialisation of packaging, maintaining the same quality in all final products.
  • Hermetic sealing by means of glue.
  • Possibility of automatic closing of box heads.
  • Reduction of human errors.
  • Reduction in cardboard waste.
  • Ability to print logos, barcodes and QR/BIDI codes directly on the cartons or by applying an adhesive label.
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