CENCOBOX Maquinas fabricación cajas largas

Box forming machine for long products

The box forming machine for long products, makes it possible to pack long products in a very short period of time and with an excellent finish.

It is composed of different modules, each one of them adapted to the needs of our clients, and it stands out for its capacity to automatically regulate itself in all axes to form boxes of different sizes in width, height and length.

It is easily operated, starting from the fanfold cardboard, which advances through the cutting machine where the template is generated, then passes to the packaging, loading and gluing area, to finally go to the output module where it can either be printed directly on the box or apply a label and then palletize the already packed product.


  • Cardboard warehouse:
    • Capacity 4 fanfold format pallets.
  • Automatic template cutting.
  • Automatic packaging.
  • Box dimensions:
    • 80 x 80 x 500 to 4.000/6.000 mm.
    • 300 x 250 x 500 at 4.000/6.000 mm.
  • Automatic box closing by glue.
  • Box gluing feed rate:
    • 32 mm/minute.


CENCOBOX - LD4 (forming line for maximum 4 m boxes)

CENCOBOX - LD6 (forming line for maximum 6 m boxes)


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